The Memorial West Community Club


The Memorial West Community Club is a private club whose members consist of all residents of Nottingham 1, 2 and 3 by virtue of their civic association dues, as well as any other members of the public who wish to register and pay an annual fee. Please visit the website for more information.


An Asset and Responsibility

Over the years, MWCC has served as an anchor for our neighborhood. It is a respite from surrounding traffic and commercial enterprises, located right in the heart of the city within walking distance from our homes. It spans over three acres and is a place where residents can gather for recreation, relaxation and social activities. For the benefit of our many new residents and also for those who have lived here longer, let's take a moment to review its history. In 1962-63 MWCC was built and operated as a private club supported by individual memberships paid by residents from the surrounding areas. As Houston, grew, so did other commerce, subdivisions and clubs, which began to assess their residents for the maintenance of local facilities. Private memberships at MWCC decreased and funds became insufficient to adequately maintain the facility. In 2007, faced with the possibility of losing the facility and its amenities to commercial enterprises, the 320 owners in Nottingham I, II, and III held a special election and overwhelmingly voted for MWCC to merge with the Nottingham Maintenance Fund and to take financial responsibility for the maintenance of the MWCC. As a result, every resident became a member. Annual assessments were raised from $300 to $575. In 2008, Hurricane IKE caused extensive damage to MWCC. Work was required to remove fallen trees and debris, replace fences, resurface the main pool, replace roofs on buildings, upgrade electrical wiring, and perform other needed repairs. Fortunately, insurance covered the enormous costs for these needed repairs, replacements, and improvements. Presently, MWCC is funded through assessments, non-resident dues, rental income and fundraising. Although aging (almost 50 years old), we are fortunate to have this spot as part of our neighborhood. MWCC is a beautiful facility that enhances our own individual property values as well as contributes to the overall ambience of the entire community. ENJOY!


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