Deed Restrictions & Bylaws


Renovations and Being Good Neighbors

Many residents are currently undergoing considerable renovations and changes to their property. Major renovations, additions or teardowns require Board approval. The Board meets once a month and will review plans to ensure they comply with current deed restrictions. The Board thanks those residents who have submitted their architectural plans for review and approval. The Board must consider these changes as they apply to the current deed restrictions. Neighbors wanting to make changes to their current residence and property should keep in mind the "Golden Rule " and consider the impacts of their changes on the property of their neighbors.


The $1000 one-year Special Assessment was voted on and approved on December 12, 2010. The results were as follows:

  • 93.6% voted for the assessment
  • 6.4% voted against

The passage of this one year special assessment allowed Nottingham to maintain its current services, start to rebuild reserve funds and support capital improvements for the future.


On October 31, 2010 a special meeting was held for the purpose of collecting ballots from all residents who had not voted prior to that day. The provisions that were being considered were as follows:

1. Adoption of the proposed Amended, Restated and Consolidated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Nottingham, Sections One (1), Two (2) and Three (3) as posted here on the website and provided by hard copy at the home of Murphy Klasing, 13930 Pebblebrook, Houston, Texas 77079.

2. Amendment to the By-laws increasing the number of Board members for the Nottingham Civic Association by two (2) members. (This would increase the Board members from six [6] members to eight [8] members.

In order for provision one (1) above to pass the current Deed Restrictions require a "FOR" vote from 75% of the member households. There are 320 member households in Nottingham Sections 1-3. Therefore 240 "FOR" votes were necessary for provision one (1) to pass or 81 "Against" votes were needed for it to fail. Because only 210 ballots were cast, we did not receive either 75% "FOR" votes nor did we receive 25% "AGAINST" votes. Therefore, provision one FAILS to pass.

In order for provision two (2) above to pass the current By-Laws require a "FOR vote from 50% of the member households. There are 320 member households in Nottingham Sections 1-3. Therefore 160 "FOR votes were necessary for provision two (2) to pass or 161 votes were needed for it to fail. Although only 210 ballots were cast, the overwhelming majority of votes cast were "FOR" provision two. Since significantly more than 160 votes cast were cast "FOR" the provision, provision (2) PASSES.

The Final Vote Tally was as follows:

  • 140 votes cast For the Deed Restrictions
  • 70 votes cast Against the Deed Restrictions
  • 185 votes cast For the By-laws Amendment
  • 26 votes cast Against the By-laws Amendment

Murphy Klasing, Secretary

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